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10 frequently asked questions about Segway Tours

Are Segways hard to ride?

No it’s very easy with proper training, people usually get it within 90 seconds.

Are there any specific clothing requirements for the tour?

sensible footwear is strongly advised no open-toe sandals so basically walking boots and trainers

Are there any weight restrictions for participants?

We do have a minimum weight restriction of 5 Stone 4 pounds ( 38 kilos ) in order for our riders to safely operate the Segway! However, if there is an individual in your group who does not meet this requirement we do have a solution!

Can you ride Segway in the rain?

Yes, we do operate in the rain! However, it is important to remember that this is a forest tour with lots of off-road terrains that can become slippery so it is important to operate the Segway with care!

Do you charge for segway photos?

here is no charge for our photos here at Cann Wood Segway, we try to capture your best moments and upload them all into one place for you to download for free and cherish forever!

How long are the Segway tours?

There are a range of Segway Tour Sessions that range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, these allow our customers enough time to get the feel of what it’s like to ride a Segway!

How many people are on a Segway tour?

We can take groups of up to 14 people out per tour each day throughout the year!

What is the minimum age to ride a segway?

The minimum age restriction to ride a Segway at Cann Woods is 10 and upwards, in addition to this there must be at least one adult present in the group if there are any riders under the age of 18.

Are helmets and safety gear provided?

Helmets are provided at the site for all our customers to use in different sizes to accommodate for all ages! However, you are welcome to use your own helmet if you prefer.

Do I need any experience to ride a Segway?

Whether you’ve been on a Segway before or have never touched or seen a Segway, we’ll have you riding around the forest in no time! We have been doing Segway’s for over 15 years so be confident you’re in safe hands! 

FULL Q&A can be found at our Main Cann Wood Segway tour Website