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How long are the Segway tours?

There are a range of Segway Tour Sessions that range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, these allow our customers enough time to get the feel of what it’s like to ride a Segway!

Our shorter tours offer a scenic route that is designed to highlight key attractions within the forest and get to grips with the Segway on varied terrain!

Our longer tours are a great way to enjoy the Segway and understand the history of the forest, this tour covers further areas as we go miles! This type of tour is designed to be adventurous and fun while enjoying the thrill of the Segway!

Discovery Tour £27pp🌲This route is our shortest introductory tour to discover what the Segway is all about. It includes mainly smooth surfaces, fire roads in the forest little off road up to 45mins.

Adventure Tour £32pp🌲🌲This route is perfect for all Segwayers who want more! It includes a few hills to go up and down, mainly smooth surfaces fire roads in the forest & with a little off-roading up to 60 mins.

Safari & Skills £37pp🌲🌲🌲Our most popular Tour! Involves the Adventure Tour, but continues down to more trail’s into the forest with mud ruts & then onto our skills area for a bit of real Segway Fun with a assault track at the end to show off your segway skills!  Only at Cann Woods 🤘 Perfect for friends and family up to 90 mins.